Printed Paper Bags

Gafbros Ltd has been established for 40 years and has an enviable reputation . We are committed to providing excellent quality and service, delivering our comprehensive packaging range. Our environmentally friendly bags are delivered to our clients all over the globe and we pride ourselves on offering a 7 day turnaround service on request.

Paper Bags have become more essential than ever as people turn away from plastic. It is seen as less environmentally damaging and as a viable alternative to plastic for their business.


Printed Luxury Paper Bags

We supply printed luxury bags to your specification, all types of specification printed paper bags are the highest quality bags, often used in high end boutique style shopping. They provide a feeling of high quality and luxury.

Paper Bag Details

  • Minimum Qty 100pcs
  • Colour Co-ordinated Rape Handles
  • 6 Colour Print and CMYK Full Colour Process
  • Gloss/Varnish Lamination and Embossing
  • Spot UV and Foiling
printed kraft bags

Printed Kraft Paper Take Away Bags

We supply printed folding handle Kraft bags, made to you specification in style, size and shape.

These bags are often used in Take Out or Patisserie Food retailers and takeaways.

SOS Carrier Flat Details

  • Flat Paper Handles
  • Minimum Qty: 1000pcs A5 Size
  • White/Brown Kraft Paper
  • Up to 6 Spot Colour Print and Process Print

Printed Kraft Carrier Bags

Printed Kraft Carrier Bags differ to normal folded paper handle Kraft bags in both size and by the type of handle.

The larger Kraft carrier bags have Twisted Paper handles, they are still printed to your specification, they are really popular in retail and are used for many different products.

Twisted Kraft Carrier Bags Details

  • Twisted Paper Handles
  • 90 Gsm – 120 Gsm
  • Minimum Qty Order: 1000pcs
  • White/Brown Kraft Paper
  • Up to 6 Spot Colour Print and Process Print
printed grab bags

Printed SOS Grab Bags

Often used in the food industry the bags are supplied and printed to your specification. They are sometimes foil lined to preserve the temperature of the contents, the personalisation of the branding promoting the shop or product being sold.

Grab Bags Details

  • No Handles
  • 60 Gsm – 80 Gsm
greaseproof bags

Printed Greaseproof Bags

We supply printed greaseproof bags either with Grease Proof or Kraft Paper which can be used for many purposes.

Greaseproof Bags Details

  • Grease Proof / WHITE and BROWN